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Build Strategic Thinking into your Routine

Build Strategic Thinking into your Routine

I’m sure you’ve seen them – those business owners who always seem to know where they are going and are solidly on a path to achieve their goals. They are confident and sure of their plans. Then, there are others who always seem to be fighting fires, catching up on yesterday’s tasks and are completely consumed by living in the moment. How do we move from too much time in the here and now to a little more in the pre-planned path? Would it surprise you to know that strategic thinkers are more effective leaders, and are more inspiring to their people? So how do we become a strategic thinker? How do we develop strategic thinking in our organizations? Strategic thinking is not just limited to the executive suite. You want to encourage strategic thinking among all levels of the organization. This is a skill that can be developed if nurtured and given time to grow. Here are a couple of tips to develop a strategic mindset. Look around you. What is happening in your company? Are there issues that arise over and over? Are your people complaining of the same things time and time again? What is going on

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