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Our Managing Partner, Megan Patton, is the host of Strategies to Focus and Thrive as a Leader at Elite Experts Network, Northeast Ohio. Tune in for this ongoing series for insights on ways to focus and thrive.

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Megan Patton was featured in this December 2020 article, Daughter Follows in Dad’s Footsteps to Deliver Value to Businesses

Megan Patton, managing partner of ODA Strategy, had a colorful and interesting start in life, which she points to as a core feature of her corporate success: experience in international environments with a front-row seat to service and education.

Patton, one of eight children, and her siblings lived in Seoul, South Korea, for four years, where their father worked for the Peace Corps. “[That experience] informed a lot of what I’ve done since — that early exposure to being overseas, living in a different culture, learning about cultural sensitivity,” Patton tells CircleAround. “You know just what it’s like to be a visitor in somebody else’s land.”

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