One Page Business Plan™

One Page Business Plan™

One Page Business Plan

Writing a plan for your business is often one of the most painful exercises an owner or manager can experience. Businesses often don’t write a plan, or they invest too much time in writing one. Often plans run a multitude of pages, are overly complex, and prove hard to implement. ODA Strategy uses the One Page Business Plan™ to guide our clients through the business planning process.

The One Page Business Plan™ takes a complex process and makes it simple. We work to identify objectives, strategies and action plans that are succinct, measurable, and that will support the vision of the company or business unit. We focus on “bending the curve” to improve performance and challenge static thinking. An added benefit of the One Page Business Plan™? Performance management is built in, making it simple to track progress to goals and work accomplishments.

We Make Business Planning Simple!


Watch this episode entitled “Business Planning Can Be Simple” from Megan Patton’s video series: Strategies to Focus and Thrive as a Leader.

She discusses why it is important to have a business plan and provides quick tips on creating your own SIMPLE business plan.

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