Find and Hold Your Focus

Find and Hold Your Focus

There are a lot of things that compete for your time and attention as a business owner. So much so, that it is easy to lose focus on the growth goals that keep a company going strong. So how do we first find, then hold onto a focus that will move us forward?

When we try and focus on a multitude of things at one time, we often fall into the trap of not being able to really focus on anything at all. There are a lot of distractions that go on in any company, and it is easy to spend all of your time putting out fires, chasing orders or dealing with production issues. Before you know it, much of the year has passed!

So how do you find focus? Ask yourself – what is the ONE major thing you need to do in order to see success this year? Is it a certain revenue number? Landing a specific customer? Adding a product or service line? Once you have that vision in mind, write it down. Share it with your team. Determine what has to happen to get to that point. What are the things you’ll need to be measuring on a regular basis to determine if you are on track? What will you need to do differently in order to get the work done? What smaller projects need to be accomplished in order to hit your goal?

Determine what those steps are, assign them to the right people, and set up an accountability system. Holding focus happens when it becomes ingrained in a company’s culture. There are four simple steps here:

  1. Determine your goal – write it down, share it with your team
  2. Figure out what needs to be tracked to get to the goal – what numbers will we need to stay on top of to know if we’re on track? Who will do the tracking?
  3. What work needs to be done in order to find success? Are there projects we’ll have to tackle? Training needs? Hiring needs? Think though each of these, and assign responsibilities and accountability checkpoints.
  4. Finally, commit to monthly check-ins. Have everyone who is tracking results come together once a month for an official check-in to monitor progress – solve problems and celebrate successes.

Following those four steps will really help you find and hold your focus. If you’d like to discuss how to bring this level of focus into your company, contact me. I’d love to help you focus and thrive in your business.


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