Accountability Drives Results

Accountability Drives Results

In my work with clients, one of the major themes that I come across is the issue of accountability. So many people work hard on their business planning activities, set goals, have wonderful intentions…but something happens. Or, rather, something DOESN’T happen!

All the planning in the world won’t move your business forward unless you are committed to taking the action steps you outlined for yourself. So often, especially at the beginning of a new year or new quarter or new business cycle, we spend lots of time planning. It is easy to get stuck in too much input and not enough output! The magic is in the implementation. That is easier said than done and many of us think we just need to be focused, or be disciplined in order to “do” the work we said we would do to move our business forward. It is REALLY hard to do it yourself!

Small and mid-sized business owners often lack the infrastructure that is present in larger companies. One of the downsides of a lack of infrastructure is a lack of accountability. If a business owner is the only executive on their team, they don’t have a peer group with whom they can share their goals, set accountability targets and share successes.

If you find yourself in that situation, I strongly encourage you to seek an accountability partner. Perhaps you have a friend in a similar situation. Or a trusted business associate with whom you can exchange frank and honest ideas. Maybe you belong to a business association or a mastermind group of similar sized businesses. Perhaps you might be better off using a business coach – someone who will be completely focused on you and your business and help you stay accountable to the goals you set for yourself, while providing valuable guidance and support along the way. There are plenty of options out there!

The key is to find a solution that works for you. Give this some thought and make a list of 2 or 3 potential accountability partners. Ask them if they would be interested in joining up to be a support team for each other. Having someone with whom you can be accountable for your business plan is a key step in a successful implementation of your planning efforts. If you’d like to learn more, watch my video on this topic.


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