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Are You Spending Too Much Time Working In Your Business?

Are You Spending Too Much Time Working In Your Business?

I have a client – I’ll call him John – who has a manufacturing business. He considered himself fairly successful, but he wasn’t very happy or excited about his success. He was feeling stuck, and he was mentally and physically exhausted in his business. Stay tuned to hear how we were able to get John some relief. When I first met John, he was spending crazy hours at work, and really felt like he was on a hamster wheel – just running like crazy to keep the business moving forward. He was involved in every aspect of his business and either doing or supervising everything himself.  When I asked him what his vision for the company was, and what specific goals he had targeted for this year, he kind of gave me a deer in the headlights sort of stare. Then he shrugged and said that he didn’t have time to worry about strategy – he was doing everything he could just to keep the company on track. He was working completely IN his business and hadn’t taken the opportunity to take a step back and work ON his business at a higher level. He had created a strategic plan

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