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Engaging Your Employees for Success

Engaging Your Employees for Success

You’ve probably heard the term “Employee Engagement” used to describe a best practice within an organization. But what does it look like, and how do we know when our employees are engaged? In a somewhat simplistic sense, employee engagement is a focused approach in the workplace that results in happy employees, committed to the organization, who are giving their best each and every day. These employees believe in the company, are proud to work there, and are committed to the success of the organization. It is up to employers to set the stage for a culture of employee engagement – by creating the right conditions so employees will strive to reach their individual potential, and create successful outcomes for the organization. There are several ways to tell if your employees are fully engaged in their work and in the company culture. How is their attitude? Engaged employees are generally very positive and upbeat. They look forward to coming to work each day, and actively seek out opportunities for contribution. They are eager to discuss ideas and work to inspire those around them. Engaged employees are great to have on a team, because of their positive attitude and the fact that

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