Developing the Emerging Leaders In Your Organization

Developing the Emerging Leaders In Your Organization

One of the critical jobs of a leader is to make sure they are developing the people that come behind them.

You are running a company. No matter how your business is going, one thing is certain. You won’t be running it forever. At some point, you will begin to slow down, and perhaps even retire. At that point, you need to have someone you trust take the reins from you. Have you identified that person, or several potentials? If you have, that’s great – you are ahead of the crowd! If not, don’t despair – having a focus on developing the next generation of leadership will serve you well.

I have seen companies where an heir apparent (or several potentials) have been identified, and groomed for positions of increasing responsibility throughout their careers. These individuals are then well positioned to take over the day to day running of the company when the leader decides to take a step back. I applaud these companies – and think that more need to follow this example! But it doesn’t just happen organically! Many larger companies have solid management training programs that will lead a promising individual through all areas of the company, giving them a chance to spend time in each of the business areas and focus on line and non-line responsibilities over the course of several years. Not every company however, has the ability to create such an experience for their potentials. But every company does have the opportunity to identify those promising individuals and craft experiences for them throughout their career. Giving someone supervisory responsibility, providing training and education that will keep them on the leading edge of their industry, and pairing them with a mentor, either within the company or outside of it, are all great ways to develop that emerging leader. Check out your local business community as well – there are business coaches who will provide specific business coaching for the emerging leader, who run mastermind groups targeted at developing a peer group of emerging leaders from different industries who can share experiences and grow together.

Identifying the development of emerging leaders will make your succession planning a lot easier when the time comes. For tips on emerging leader development, or to see when the next group session begins, please contact me. I want to help you focus and thrive in your business!


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