Branding for Employee Attraction

Branding for Employee Attraction

We all know the importance of branding ourselves in the marketplace. It is critical to have a decent level of brand awareness, so that our customers and clients have a sense of who we are and are attracted to us. But – what about branding ourselves to attract employees?

Currently, the United States is experiencing its lowest unemployment rate in decades. Great news for our economy – somewhat troubling news for employers. A low unemployment rate means that the competition for qualified candidates is really tough. There are a lot of very good companies out there vying for the same talent pool.  How can you stand out to be an employer of choice?

Put yourself in your potential or current employee’s shoes. With multiple opportunities out there, why should they choose your company? What is it about a career with your company that will be different from another company? How you articulate what you have available could make a big difference to an employee making a decision to either come to your company, or to stay with your company. What does your brand say about your company? Often it is the intangibles that make a difference.

Poll your current employees – what do they love about their employment? What frustrates them? Often employers don’t survey their employees because they might not want to hear certain things. However, facing these things – good bad or indifferent, will allow you to make possible adjustments to reate a stronger employee experience.

Focus on providing your employees with an idea of what their future could potentially hold – let them know what a possible career path could look like. As employees enter your company – engage them from the start with continual development and feedback opportunities. Find out what is important to them and see how you can tailor their work responsibilities to hit those key elements.

Appreciation of employees cannot be overstated. Showing your employees that you consider them to be a valuable part of the team helps with engagement. This isn’t a one size fits all formula – get to know each employee and what makes them tick.

Spend some time thinking about your company brand from an employee perspective. If you need some help thinking through this, or you’d like options to consider, give me a call and we can talk it over. Watch my video on this topic over at Elite Experts Network.


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